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I was reading ( in DW) until recent post U.S. and Russian Relationship at a Low? Generally Scott Adams is posting pro-Trump reasoning; sometimes very similar in the style to "fritzmorgen" pro-Putin "that is multi-step plan!" (многоходовочка) political advertisements. Especially interesting for me was to read the comments. I've never seen so many real loonies with conspiracy theories, fear/loathing of Jews, secret world government/evil corporate plots and so on in more or less public place. (In 2000-2003 I was visiting some US forums and seen those but that was feelingly underground, with some obviously not quite sane, visibly enjoying the FUD they are talking.)

However some commenters in Scott's blogs were just... ignorant and honestly reproducing the fashionable rumours. For example "US makes unrest and wars with Syria because there are 2 conflicting plans gas/petrol pipes into EU: Quatar-Syria vs Iran-Iraq-Syria, and US favors Quatar to overthrow Assad". Robert Kennedy wrote article with this disclosure of US imperialism (what a nice boy!) That sounds plausible until you get a ruler, look at the map and use a calculator to get corse quote of the projects. No, Quatar needs Saudis approval but they aren't allies in here; the cost is 5-10B$ and there are already liquefication stations and tankers.

The same is with Russia: "The United States and Russia are what I call “natural allies.” We have some common problems to solve (notably ISIS), and no [...] long history of shooting wars against each other. And both countries are super-pragmatic." That was astonishingly ridiculuos statement. Russia is bullying gays and disabled orphan children, protects corruption, murders foreign citizens London, issues very expensive total Internet surveillance laws, etc etc etc and this is called "pragmatic"? Uh-huh yeah. I don't even start on "no history of wars". Just sheer incompetence on what average Russian believes. ...Or a lie to the Shoigu (Russian minister of defence) level: "That's not our army in Crimea."

That's not even amusing. I have read so much of this cheap blatant stuff that I am just tired. RIP Dilbert.


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